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Our Sustainable Commitment

For years, we have adopted a sustainable business model that allows us to operate with zero environmental impact.
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Sustainable Model

Photovoltaic System

Thanks to our extensive photovoltaic panels covering 1,500 m² with a capacity of 99.6 kW, we are able to meet all our energy needs.

Disposal of special waste

The company carefully manages the disposal of special waste produced by the machining center, as well as washing water, with authorized companies.

Battery Recover

We are part of New Life Exide allowing us to collect batteries, recover them, and reuse them in an environmentally friendly manner.


Our photovoltaic system covers over 1,500 m² with a capacity of 99.6 kW, exceeding our energy needs. In addition, we use only methane and hybrid vehicles for deliveries.

We overhaul and regenerate engines and cylinder heads, reducing our environmental impact.

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