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Automotive Machining & Parts

The Lupo family has been successfully managing Lupo Autorettifiche & Ricambi in Puglia since 1967. Currently, we cover the entire territory of Lecce, Taranto, and Brindisi with over 43 employees. The Lupo brand belongs to L.G. Service s.r.l., founded in 2011.
Automotive Machining - Parts - Automotive Machining - Parts

Tradition and History

Lupo was founded as a small spare parts warehouse in 1967. After a few years, a machining workshop was established in conjunction with auto parts. Since then, we have continued to grow with increasing sales projections. Today, we can offer spare parts services, diagnostic equipment, and advanced management software. Our headquarters, evolving over time, spans 3,000 m² with 400 m² of offices, a warehouse with over 50,000 top brand auto parts, and a 600 m² workshop dedicated solely to machining.

Our plus

Why choose us

Fast and Secure

We respond to every inquiry as quickly as possible.


High Quality and Assortment

Auto parts from top brands, along with cutting-edge equipment and instrumentation.


Training and Workshop Network

Enhance your theoretical and practical knowledge by joining our network.


Our Mission

To offer our customers a wide range of innovative products and services, supported by a highly qualified team dedicated to meeting their needs.

Our Vision

To become the leading supplier of auto parts, machining services, training, and consultancy for workshops in Salento and the Puglia region.

product lines

Thanks to our reliable suppliers and partnerships, we can ensure original products or certified equivalents from the best brands in the industry. A team of expert consultants, leveraging advanced automotive industry software, can precisely identify the auto part you need.

Automotive Machining & Parts
Automotive Machining & Parts

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